Governor Rick Snyder has declared a a State of Energy Emergency leading into the Memorial Day weekend. 

Snyder says that he signed the Executive Order today because two fuel pipelines have been shut down.

A fuel pipeline that ran between Milwaukee and Green Bay has been shut down. Adding to the problem, says Snyder, there was an unexpected shutdown of a Marathon refinery in Detroit. 

The executive order will allow those driving fuel trucks to stay on the roads longer, in the hopes that it will help reduce the effects of the shortage. 

"We want to make sure the fuel Michiganders need for their travels to work, school or a long weekend trip is available," Snyder said in a statement. "This executive order will help ensure there are no artificial shortages of fuel impacting the state's residents or visitors."

Drivers that are transporting fuel in Michigan can now operate their vehicle for longer hours and consecutive days than what they were able to do before the order was signed. 

This order will stay in effect until midnight on June 6.