• Flash light and radioKeep flashlights and a portable radio handy. Make sure you have fresh batteries. Lanterns and battery-operated lights are a safe alternative to candles
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers near your phone. Most phones should still work 
    Some cordless phones operate only with electricity. Keep a cell phone or other phone that works without electricity
  • Become familiar with where your electric circuit box is located and know how to turn your power on and off 
    If you have electrically powered life-support equipment, before a power outage occurs, ask your physician, nurse or equipment supplier about emergency backup
  • If you have a generator, you must have a transfer switch installed in your fuse box by a licensed electrician, for protection of our line workers. (See Generator Safety for safe installation tips.)
  • Keep a supply of canned food and, if you have an infant, baby formula. Make sure you have a manual can opener
  • Keep a complete first-aid kit and a sufficient supply of prescription medications on hand at all times